“R.P.M. Technic provides construction supervision with substantive knowledge."


Wilfred Valentijn, Program Manager at Plug Power: "Plug Power is involved in the development of electrolyzer systems for hydrogen production. In our search for a partner to oversee the E&I (electrical & instrumentation) activities during the construction of our new electrolyzer, we found R.P.M. Technic. We have been working together for over half a year, and the project is expected to last another six months. R.P.M. Technic not only provides construction supervision but also possesses substantial knowledge to advise us on our design and installation methods. This collaborative thinking is indispensable for us. Together, we have tackled numerous challenges. The collaboration with R.P.M. Technic is very pleasant. The company has a professional yet approachable way of working, with clear and open communication. Moreover, R.P.M. Technic is solution-oriented without overlooking people. I wholeheartedly recommend the company.”